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Provided a reduction to the appearance of dark under-eye circles. Use consistently for six months to see the effect.

The distinctive dual-swirl formula is designed with an eye cream to deposit light-reflecting pigments

Reflects light from the eye area, affording a temporary effect of smoother, more radiant under-eye skin.

Hydrates to nourish under eye area for a luminous glow

Please note, this is not an anti-aging product.


Aqua, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Algae Extract, Mushroom Extract Complex, Vit C, Grape Extract.



Apply a pea-sized amount above cheekbones. But not directly under the eye, since the moisturizer will creep during the day.

It is important to not make contact with the product directly around the eye or in the eye, as this will cause irritation and dry eye.

If you make contact with eye or eye stings, immediately rinse with cold water until stinging ceases.